Emax Digital

We offer:

  • Distribution as a Service for market-leading VOD platforms (Including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Hulu, Xbox, Playstation, etc.)

  • A comprehensive Social Media Distribution tool set, including a proprietary Social Media VOD Player (SmVOD)

  • We are developing:

  • Social Syndication systems that incentivize content sharing and monetize organic and viral growth

  • Advertising tools that create an ad-supported experience for the viewer with transactional revenue for content owners.



In asociation with Televisa, we are developing a multichannel platform to produce and distribute premium entertainment contet based on concerts, fairs and local events en Latinamerica, Livestream shows, top videos and news, and more.



1400+ Movies Direct via Facebook

Content Offered Direct via Film’s Facebook Page as well as within Facebook App. 

One of a kind search and discovery tools.

Custom onboarding tool simplifies content ingestion process.

Let viewers consume content in the same place they discover it.


What do you feel like watching?

Mood-based recommendation generator will find the movie that best fits you mood based on 10 types of mood and style criteria.

Accesses user’s Facebook “Likes” and “Interests” to generate relevant film recommendations.


Ability to read a user’s News Feed and generate recommendations based on activities, tags, and check-ins.

Help viewers discover films that appeal to them in the moment.