More than 3 decades in the advertising, printing and promotions business has enabled us to accurately assess a client’s requirements, understand their target demographic and plan the most cost efficient and effective means to accomplish their goals. Headquartered in Miami, Florida with affiliate offices in New York and Los Angeles, HMS has strategically positioned itself to become the single-source supplier for a broad portfolio of clients. This in turn has given us extensive experience with a varied range of businesses, and the opportunity to meet their diversified needs.

Our experience and position has allowed us to provide a unique service to clients in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America that create economies. For example, we have consolidated vendors to simplify and streamline the workload of numerous marketing and advertising agencies. Our understanding of the market’s broad dynamics has allowed us to create strategic alliances for our clients, which have directly resulted in higher product visibility and increased sales. Our long-standing business relationships is a reflection of our success and professionalism.

Our Team



15 years of experience and recognized with artist managers, programmers, presenters and announcers in the radio and television stations, and become one of the most respected businessmen in the Latin music industry. Concerts and Festivals producer performing the top Latin stars in salsa, pop and reggeaton music, producing major events such as: L.A. Latin Music Festival, L.A. Colombian Festival, Whittier Narrows Summer Fest. Hansen Dam Park, 4th of July Event, Fiesta Broadway. Former Vice President of Bigmoon records, recognized label with headquarters in Spain. Creator and owner of his marketing agency which motto is: The leader of agencies of TV contents, brand integration, marketing and advertising where he has integrated must of his new national and international clients beginning with one of the most awaited events and developer of a production company and film distribution, always maintaining his slogan:


“Atreverte es Tu Camino, Triunfar es Tu Destino”



13 + years experience working in the Digital Cinema industry, with over 15 years of experience with Satellite related broadcast technology and services. Managed feature and trailer distribution with a title release from all 6 major studios. Software architect for Digital Cinema terrestrial distribution and key deliverysoftware modules. Started up and managed company’s formal QA process for confirming DCP compliance with DCI standards, Inventory Management, Terrestrial distribution, Satellite/Terrestrial delivery of DCP content and KDM delivery logic. Ensured Studios had confidence in opening day delivery success. Passionate about improving efficiencies in work flow processes. Known as a reliable and dedicated team leader who constantly goes over and above to deliver high quality results. Comfortable and adaptable with technology.Areas of Distribution Management Expertise Quality Assurance - Drive Duplication - SOP Creation and Training - Theatrical Live Events - Satellite Distribution - DCP File Structure - Trusted Device List (TDL) - Software Development - Drive Duplication - Key Management Protocols - Tracking Management - Equipment Maintenance - Studio Reporting/Liaison - D-Cinema Projectors/Players - Studio Fulfillment Billing -Inventory Control - Studio Booking Auditing · 24/7 NOC - Exhibitor Operations · Personnel and Human Resources.Senior Operations Manager CONTENIDO ALTERNATIVO COLOMBIA S.A.S Developed and executed the opening of a distribution office located in Bogota-Colombia with the objective to have the capability to manage the fulfillment of studio bookings to all the distribution offices locally and all throughout South America.Executive Director Studio Operations CINEDIGM, DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES DIVISION Responsible for managing the fulfillment of Studio bookings to exhibitors on a weekly basis. Coordinated the efforts of the Studio Relations staff with the Distribution staff to make sure that all bookings were 100% fulfilled with out endangering the opening day of a title.




Gustavo Dominguez started in the entertainment business at an early age. Gustavo has been hosting local events as well as promoting and producing shows in his home town Juarez and El Paso, TX. Like any other young man his dream was to bring the best concerts and events. That’s when he began to acknowledge that the border wasn’t enough for him so he decided to explore other states in Mexico and the United States.In 1999 Gustavo got hired as a general producer by a local TV station affiliated with Televisa (The big TV station in the Latin community). He began producing 8 TV shows for the company such as Musicals, Magazines, News, Sports, Variety, Cooking, Entertainment and even Kid Shows. As a general producer his primary responsibility was to develop new talent for the news and entertainment business.Gustavo has been working with many well renown personalities from Politicians, Actors, Singers, Musical groups, to Business Professional which he served as their Advisor, Consultant, and Manager. Gustavo’s passion and commitment for the entertainment business was so great that in 2006 he started working directly for Televisa in different projects. Gustavo being a visionary man explored many areas of the company allowing him to acquire additional experience on every field that he worked. This is where he met the international actor William Levy and he started working with him as his advisor and personal manager, and that’s where they joint venture on Levy’s ascending career. Gustavo charisma, dedication and professionalism have made him stand out as one of the best advisor and consultant in the Latin American Market.



Productor ejecutivo de proyectos cinematográficos, gestionando recursos económicos para diversas películas, así como desarrollando un modelo de negocio para la distribución del cine mexicano en el extranjero. Experto en Product y Brand Placement, patrocinios, comercialización de contenidos y estrategias de comunicación digital.