EMAX Group Corp is an international company based in the heart of Miami. Created by a team of specialists in various areas like, public relations, advertising, marketing, video production, printing, publishing and media relations. We are a full service agency with partnerships with the most relevant companies in our fields of expertise such as, Hospitality Media Solutions, Holonis, Global Pictures Media and Follow Me Network.


We offer a wide range of services that include movie screen advertising packages nationwide. We have contracts with all the movie theaters nationwide in the states, with more than 10,000 screens on display. We also offer services of event marketing opportunities, creation, design and production of television and radio commercials, conventional forms of indoor and outdoor signage and on-site marketing opportunities.


We are committed with helping brands reach a unique and targeted audience by applying LIVE ENTERTAINMENT making EMAX Group Corp world's leading provider of "Brand to Fanatic Connectivity". That's why we strive to ensure the most competitive prices. Due to our high volume of media purchases, we have a strategic business model for financing the media campaigns of our clients. We offer an investment of 30% of the marketing budget in the same companies we do business with to help them grow. Making us the most reliable and respected marketing option for companies looking for new innovative concepts in the marketing of products and services.


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